How to make a leafs plants print on a cotton cloth

Here i have collected a tutorial that makes plant printing desk cloth(decors, coasters everything you like can be plant print), And do it yourself can be very interesting thing to do.

Ok here is the steps:

1. Collected leafs, you can collect it everywhere you like, from the trees of your grandma's garden, or from forest, anywhere.

2.There is no fixed leafs are the best, try more you will know what is best for you.

3.Soak the leaves in salt water for about half an hour, Wipe dry with paper towels and place them as you like on a cotton cloth.
4.Highly suggest you arrayed them in one time which will makes them look more integrated

5.Use wide tape to fixed the leafs, cover the cloth with plastic wrap or transparent paper

6. Then you can tap it with rubber hammer, don't beat it hard at the very beginning cause it is gonna deformed.

7. Be patient, some leafs are not easy to print on cloth but harder they print on cloth the prettier they look in the end.

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